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Conditions Ripe for Dove Season


  A bumper crop of native sunflower and other seed producing weedy plants this year have created ideal habitat conditions leading into September’s dove hunter opener. Better habitat is good for the birds, but might make hunting tougher during the early migratory game bird seasons, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department biologists.


“Abundant seed production, predominately sunflower and croton will help recently fledged birds to rapidly put on weight,” said Corey Mason with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. “But, quality range conditions could also cause doves to disperse as food sources become readily available and make managed fields less attractive early in the season.”


“I’m seeing lots of growth of sunflowers, crotons, and other early-succession stage ‘weeds’ that should provide abundant food sources and hunting opportunities when they ripen in the fall,” said Mike Krueger, TPWD district biologist in Kerrville.


“Most of the Trans-Pecos is holding good numbers of doves at this point,” said Jason Wagner, TPWD biologist in Fort Stockton. “There are plenty of seed producing forbs and good tank water that should hold the birds until season. Last year’s wildfires also created good dove habitat by allowing for forb growth and bare ground that mourning doves prefer for feeding. Usually the best dove hunting in the Trans-Pecos can be found around dirt tanks in the evenings. Also look for dove concentrations around the wildfire areas feeding on seeds.” 



Hunting, Fishing Licenses on sale


Current year Texas hunting and fishing licenses (except year-to-date fishing licenses) expire Aug. 31, and new licenses for 2012-2013 will go on sale Wednesday, Aug. 15.


The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department issues about 2.1 million hunting and fishing licenses annually through the agency’s 28 field offices, more than 58 state parks and at over 1,600 retailers across Texas. Licenses may also be purchased online through the TPWD Web site at or by phone (800-895-4248) with a $5 convenience fee required for each transaction , Call center hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday — Friday. The online transaction system is available 24/7. A transaction receipt may be printed at the time of purchase for online and a confirmation number is provided for phone orders, and the physical license is mailed separately. Confirmation numbers will verify that a license has been purchased, which is sufficient for dove hunting, but will not allow hunters to take fish or wildlife that require a tag. 


Courtesy of TPWD









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